Companies and Patronage

Today, around 60 different companies help us fulfill our missions with their loyal and crucial support, and have been doing so for 20 years.

Together, let’s give the past a bright future!


Public authority widely supports the action of the Harbour Museum of Dunkirk, especially the Communauté Urbaine de Dunkerque (Urban Community of Dunkirk) and Région Hauts-de-France. Nevertheless, without the support of the business clubs, several of our projects would not have been possible.

For instance, our patrons have helped widen our collections by allowing us to acquire new pieces and renew our permanent exhibit to better welcome our visitors. With their help, we have also been able to welcome economically-disavantaged families.

Their support has indeed allowed us to greet more visitors, especially enabling us to reach a wider audience. Finally, they have directly participated in some of our exhibits.

The Associated Business Club

60 members at our side for 20 years

If the purpose of our museum is to promote the history of the harbour of Dunkirk in all its dimensions, it is also to explain harbour operations, its role in economical and commercial exchanges in a globalised context.

Being a part of the local economic fabric, it seems important to us to share our projects but also to allow companies to play their part in the cultural sphere.

The Museum Associated Business Club was created in 1997. Today, it is made up of 60 members who play an essential role in supporting our projects thanks to their financial contributions and loyal dedication.

A pledge for culture in your company

Supporting our actions is also building a positive image of your company, both externally and internally. Patronage is, in essence, a mutually-beneficial partnership.

4 reasons to subscribe

  • Making your company more accessible and visible to the consumers, thus improving your brand awareness

  • Valorising your company via our printed forms of advertising or public relation in all operations supported by your subscription (posters, flyers, leaflets, press dossiers)

  • Associating your name to a cultural institution which is involved and active in the region, thus valorising your own involvement

  • Communicating internally differently

Advantages for your company

  • Tax rebate (60% off French corporate tax) for all donations toward works and organisations of public interest.
    1000€ donated = 600€ tax rebate

  • Complimentary provision of one of our spaces once or twice a year. Special rates on all space rentals the rest of the year.

  • Invitation to all vernissages

  • VIP tour of temporary exhibits followed by a cocktail reception

  • Entering a professional network