Agent at the Matisse Museum (Cateau-Cambrésis)

Your museum is extraordinary, you really get to feel as free as the sea, there.

Philippe (Wasquehal)

Really nice! The building itself is already quite something, but with all the models, the costumes, the plans, and so on… and also the playgrounds for children on every floor… I definitely recommand this museum if you go to Flanders!


Remarkable in all aspects. The guides were interesting, helpful and very pleasant. The workshop about tales (for children) was very well-managed by Hélène. My grandchildren are really enthusiastic about visits and other discoveries.

Sylvain (Bordeaux)

A beautiful museum, with quality items. Reception and service is great. I’d heard people in Dunkirk were well-tempered, smiling and heart-warming and I can tell it’s not a myth, but reality! Thank you so much. And Godspeed!

Aude (Belgium)

Thank you for a wonderful family time. We went back to Belgium with two little pirates!

Frédéric (La Madeleine)

I loved it! The children too… We didn’t get around to seeing the ships and the lighthouse. Another good reason to go back to Dunkirk!

Isa (Versailles)

This is a really pleasant museum, very clever with a balanced tour covering heritage, history and lifestyle.

Mardyck Centre

Great for children and grown-ups alike!

Marie (Braine-le-Château)

The kids loved the two ships and were thrilled: the explanations given by the tour guide were understable for children and adults and the reception friendly.

Pasteur Elementary School (Rousies)

Thanks for a wonderful time with you all! Congratulations on such great animations! We truly feel ready to fight BlackBeard!